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begins_to_fade's Journal

After Tonight Begins To Fade
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A Smallville Season Five Alternate Universe Game

The Story:

Chloe Sullivan couldn't have been happier. She had a new career at her dream workplace, the Daily Planet. She was the best friend of Clark Kent, and his sole confidant. Only one thing was missing: Clark's returned love. And then, one fateful night, everything seemed to change.

One night, before Christmas, Clark becomes ill, effected by a strange new form of Kryptonite, and turns to Chloe for help. In a moment that can't be explained, he reaches out to her, and a night of passion follows. The only problem? Thanks to the rock that caused his sickness, he's lost complete memory of the occurance.

Over a month later, following the death of his father and his breakup with Lana, Clark seems to be spiraling into depression as Chloe finds it harder and harder to keep one of her two deepest, darkest secrets. Will Clark ever regain his memory? Or will Chloe finally break and reveal what went down that cold December night?