Chloe Sullivan (reporter_chloe) wrote in begins_to_fade,
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Truths and Realities

The inevitable truth came banging down on my head a few days later, when I took a trip to the doctor.

The appointment was awkward, the exam was uncomfortable, and I was extremely pained, in more ways than one.

But I got what I went in search of, as always.

The truth. The cold, hard truth.

And that cold, hard truth... is that I'm carrying my alien best friend's baby.

I freaked out the moment the doctor told me I was pregnant, and kept asking over and over again if everything seemed normal to him, even had him run and ultrasound to be sure. He says everything's fine, and when I saw something on the little screen... I bawled like a baby. I'm carrying the child of the man I love. Now I only worry what's going to happen when I finally tell him... everything.

But right now, I can't even think of that. I still don't think he's ready... and he's still not mentioned remembering much other than the fact we kissed.

I'm trying to ignore my gut as I head up to the front door of the Kent house. He's alone for a couple days, his mom having gone off... somewhere or another for Senator stuff. He called me over to hang out a while... here's hoping I don't spill my guts again.
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