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Fears And Confessions

It's been about three weeks since that day... the day Clark and I fought, he remembered kissing me, and we kissed in front of the Planet.

In that few weeks, a lot has happened. Or it seems like a lot.

A ghost took over my body, and I tried to kill myself. Almost killed someone else. And then... I did something I never thought I'd do. I went and saw my mother.

Seeing her was a shock to my system, but it helped me. More than even Clark knew. And I'd bumped into him in the parking lot afterward. Apparently, he'd followed me there, to make sure I was all right. He had no idea, but I'd really needed him in that moment, and I'm glad he'd showed up.

The next thing that ended up happening was that a new super-powered being showed up in town. Or, well... he was super-powered by design. Long story.

And at the same time, I was trying so hard to remain friendly toward Lana, the one who'd broken the heart of the man I love. She complained to me yet again about she and Clark breaking up, and then tossed it in my face that he'd refused to sleep with her for months. If she only knew...

The afternoon that the super-powered being crashed into our lives, something else crashed into mine. Something... strange. Or well... not strange... but something that made me worry. And I'm still worrying about it.

I'd be talking to Lana at the Planet, and I'd suddenly gotten sick. More than just sick... I'd suddenly felt the urge to throw up the entire contents of my stomach. And when I'd gone to the bathroom... I had.

I sensed something was up, but didn't think anything of it... until it started happening every couple days. And then I started to panic.

It's now been almost three months since that night I shared with Clark. And right now, honestly, I'm terrified of what should be impossible.

I'm terrified that I'm carrying my alien best friend's baby.

After getting sick right after lunch, I decide to take the rest of the day off, and I head to Smallville to see him. I haven't seen him in probably two days, and have only talked to him by phone... and honestly, that's a little odd. And the last time I saw him, he kissed me again, in a different way than he has the several times he's kissed me the past few weeks. Yeah... I'm spazzing over a few random kisses... but that's just me.

When I get there, I discover the house unlocked, and him alone, sleeping peacefully on the couch. He's so beautiful, I can't disturb him, but I can't help but sit and watch him.
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